Rocket fire 2D minigame up to 100 levels if you can reach them. Just don't shoot the moon. One touch button. Leave your record on the table.

The game is made with the Godot Engine. You have two download options: windows(64 bits) or Linux(64bits). You can play here on browser(mobile friendly) or in Android(follow the Google Play Store link)

Important note for the html5(web) version: The leaderboard not found because of http is forbidden here but it works great in other versions(Windows, Linux, Android)


-Kenny Assets(

-n4(for the moon)(


-sound effects(

Install instructions

Unpack and run


Download 26 MB
Version 3 31 days ago
100moons-v5.7z 27 MB
Version 4 31 days ago

Also available on


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Nice job! It's simple and easy to understand the goal. Leaderboards are a nice touch, though if the leaderboard just shows the furthest level attained, I imagine it will have a lot of ties. I also agree with the mute button or volume suggestion, but I didn't dislike the music. 

No music is better than this. I would recommend a mute button. Otherwise solid.

Ok, okay, I take note, when the jam ends, maybe I'll add it